tao man joe

interior wanderlust

Sitting on a train heading into new york city, making the journey from dc into times square, from the political capitol to the economic hub of civilization. It seems strange that they are so close, yet so far away from each other.

I have hitch hiked highways in mississippi, climbed mt st helens to witness the aftermath of the great blast, walked the slums of new delhi, touched the acropolis, and navigated the frontiers of the dreamtime… all part of my human journey.

Regardless of celebrity or location my breath is the same, and each moment has its wonder embedded in little things: a smile from me to you, a sigh that witnesses ordinary beauty, and the flash of adrenalin that comes from standing close to niagara falls or a speeding train.

So now on this train into the city at the center of the world, i place my finger on the virtual keyboard and meld my mind with the profundity of blogging as a way of reaching you.

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